NVIDIA's $2,499 Titan RTX is the most powerful desktop GPU yet


Nvidia this morning confirmed that the Titan RTX would be part of its ray tracing accelerated GPU lineup, and it comes at quite the price: $4000.

NVIDIA says the Titan RTX will be available later this month in the USA and Europe for $2,499.

The rest is all deep learning and research-this and research-that marketing non-sense.

The diminishing returns going from the top consumer cards to the Titan options have always been poor, and the cards are more of a status symbol than something we would recommend buying.

"The introduction of T-Rex puts Turing within reach of millions of the most demanding PC users - developers, scientists and content creators".

On Saturday, VideoCardz posted about three such RTX Titan sightings; from the likes of Linus Tech Tips (YouTube video), Andrew Ng, and Gavin Free.

"Turing is Nvidia's biggest advance in a decade - fusing shaders, ray tracing, and deep learning to reinvent the GPU", Jensen Huang, Nvidia's CEO, said in a statement. If you are a gamer, all you need to know that this is a slightly faster RTX 2080 Ti with a shit-ton of VRAM which you probably won't need. TITAN RTX - dubbed "T-Rex" by NVIDIA - delivers ray-traced and next-gen virtual reality (VR) graphics as well as high-performance computing.

On the specs-front, the Titan RTX, which lacks the GeForce branding of Nvidia's previous RTX cards, offers 72 RT cores and 24GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory with 672GB/s of bandwidth; besting the RTX 2080 Ti's 68 RT cores and 11GB of GDDR6 memory. Data analytics are accellerated through the use of open source RAPIDS libraries, which integrate with the most popular data science workflows to help to speed up machine learning.

The price is, as you'd expect, pretty impressive, at $2,499, and the TITAN RTX will begin shipping later this month.



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