Instagram’s new feature allows users to share stories with smaller group

Users Instagram will be “close friends”

To that end, Instagram is rolling out a new "Close Friends" feature to promote sharing among a smaller and presumably tighter-knit circle of users. So, they are adding ways to communicate with smaller groups.

PR and marketing pros without access to YouTube Stories can still harness the potential opportunity to grab consumers' attention by working with influencers who start using it. No wonder the Stories feature boasts of more than 400 million daily activities users (DAU). Instead of sharing your cool moments with all your followers, only the friends in your Close Friends List will get to see updates on your Stories.

The way you can check this new feature out is by going to your profile and tapping on "Close Friends" on the side menu.

Once that's done, you can create a story just for those people. "Instagram stories has become the place to express yourself and share everyday moments, but our community has grown and sometimes what you want to share isn't for everyone", Instagram said in a statement.

On Thursday, YouTube began rolling out a mobile platform feature reminiscent of the highly-trendy Snapchat Stories, a feature that basically all the most popular social media platforms have created their own version of.

After selecting the "Close Friends List", you can now add as many friends as you like to the list.

- You can now select your close friends list when you post your Stories. It's also important to note that one way to tell if someone has added you to their list is you'll see a green badge when you're looking at their Story. Stein said Instagram wanted to keep things simple and observed that when there are multiple lists, people don't tend to use them.

Previously, Instagram introduced a feature intended for visually impaired users. Instagram uses object recognition technology to generate a description of photos for screen readers so that users are able to hear a list of items that photos may contain as they browse the app.



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