DBX: Aston Martin's first SUV is here

A 1970 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante with “factory” electric drive

Aston Martin has revealed the first reversible EV powertrain conversion for classic cars.

The "cassette" EV powertrain underneath has apparently been developed using experience gleaned from Gaydon's final phase development of the Rapide E (not to mention the all-new range of Lagondas that loom large on Aston's horizon).

The first vehicle converted with the EV cassette is an original 1970 DB6 MkII Volante. Battery modifications sit on the original gearbox and engine mountings, meaning that modifications are kept to an absolute minimum. This "cassette" powertrain does, however, include a power management screen fitted into the interior for easy viewing of charge levels.

Umbilical cords lead out from the cassette to power the car's electrical systems.

Aston Martin is built on a rich history, so it'll be keen to make sure its classic cars aren't consigned to museum halls and climate-controlled garages.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex leave Windsor Castle in a Jaguar E Type after their wedding. Source Kensington Palace Twitter
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex leave Windsor Castle in a Jaguar E Type after their wedding. Source Kensington Palace Twitter

The power control screen located "discretely" inside the cabin.

"We are very aware of the environmental and social pressures that threaten to restrict the use of classic cars in the years to come", said Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda president. Aston Martin Works has announced an official electric conversion program making the British marque, one of the first to do such work in-house.

"Our Second Century Plan not only encompasses our new and future models, but also protects our treasured heritage".

"We have been looking for some time to find a way of protecting our customers' long-term enjoyment of their cars", said Aston Martin Works president Paul Spires. Heritage EV conversions are expected to start in 2019.

Heritage EV conversions could begin as early as next year, depending on customer feedback, although a price has yet to be officially confirmed.



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