Year Old Man Fights To Legally Lower His Age To 49

Emile Ratelband 69 previously converted to Buddhism- because he could

Ratelband said that in exchange for being legally younger, he would agree to renounce his pension. You can't magically change your gender, You can't magically change your sex.

The self-proclaimed positivity guru argued that he feels 20 years younger, and compared the age difference to being transgender, despite the concept being completely different from biological genders.

Ratelband said that due to having an official age that did not reflect his emotional state he was struggling to find both work and love. If I want to renew my driving licence at 69, it's hard. According to Ratelband, he had a medical exam which said he has the body of a 45-year-old man. Emile Ratelband told Dutch paper De Telegraaf.

Ratelband seems especially focused on getting his dating life back on track and says that he isn't anxious that women who see him in the flesh may be disappointed.

Ratelband reasons that he lives in a society where people can change their genders, so, to him, it only makes sense that he can change his age.

"I don't want my kids to be embarrassed by me when I take them to the school gates and I'm 85", he added. That raises further questions as to whether he truly wants to change his legal age, or is instead conducting an elaborate stunt, whether for publicity or to make a point about "gender fluidity".

"Whereas gender is something that follows you from birth to grave, and it determines almost everything - and not just in the labor market but everywhere", she said.

"(For) many people around the age of 50-55, life is already over", Ratelband said. He also said his actual age has been a sticking point for potential clients concerned he can't "speak the language of young people" despite being more knowledgeable and experienced than younger competitors. "I agree with you: a lot of years ago we thought that was impossible", he said.

Such is the sexagenarian's belief in his cause, that he said he is willing to take it to the highest courts in Europe.

The Arnhem city court in Gelderland province is expected to review the case and issue a written ruling within four weeks.

"Who were your parents looking after then? Who was that little boy back then?", the judge asked.



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