White House plays down climate report's alarming findings

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However, he rejected the central warning in the National Climate Assessment, which said there will be hundreds of billions of dollars in losses by the end of the century due to climate change "without substantial and sustained global mitigation".

Like countless reports before it, including the UN's special report from October, the study also concludes, based on extensive evidence, that human activities are the dominant cause of global warming. She added that the government's next update of the National Climate Assessment "gives us the opportunity to provide for a more transparent and data-driven process that includes fuller information on the range of potential scenarios and outcomes".

"Trump is ignoring the alarm bells to protect our country from climate change, yet at the same time he is building sea walls in Scotland to protect his golf course from the rising sea, ' Brune said by email".

Gore left the vice president's residence with a relatively modest net worth of $1.7 million - mostly from family farm assets - but since the release of his 2006 documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and his continuing global tour to preach his message, he has amassed a fortune valued at upward of $200 million.

Last year, the President announced his intent to withdraw the USA from the 2015 Paris Deal to combat climate change, though the country can not do so until after the 2020 presidential election.

The Lower 48 states have warmed 1.8 degrees (1 degree Celsius) since 1900 with 1.2 degrees in the last few decades, according to the report.

The report supplements a study issued a year ago that concluded humans were the main driver of global warming and warned of catastrophic effects to the planet. But they need to go down much further and faster to avoid dire consequences.

The Trump administration is downplaying the importance of the findings.

Democrats said the report shows that addressing climate change must become a priority for next year's Congress. The Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule would take power plant emissions standards out of federal hands and put it in the hands of individual states to develop their own plans to cut pollution.

A White House spokeswoman noted that, since 2005, carbon dioxide emissions related to energy production in the United States have dropped 14 percent. Yet emissions worldwide continue to rise.

"In all seriousness, the willful denial and obfuscation by Trump on climate change is a crime against humanity".

"Unbelievably deadly and tragic wildfires rage in the West, hurricanes batter our coasts - and the Trump administration chooses the Friday after Thanksgiving to try and bury this critical USA assessment of the climate crisis", Gore said in a statement that he posted on Twitter Friday.

Last year, Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris deal to combat climate change, becoming the first country of 200 to do so.

- Washington Post, with additional reporting from Associated Press writer John Lemire.

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