"What Lies Beneath" -NASA 1st Scientific Deep Dive of Mars Interior Mysteries

NASA engineers celebrated InSight landing with NFL handshake

"MarCO-A and B are our first and second interplanetary CubeSats created to monitor InSight for a short period around landing, if the MarCO pair makes it to Mars", Jim Green, director of NASA's planetary science division, said in a statement.

"Although we've done it before, landing on Mars is hard, and this mission is no different", Rob Manning, NASA's chief engineer at the jet propulsion laboratory, said in a statement. In the background are plains of the planet's surface.

"Dust devils on Mars, when those go by even from several hundred meters away from the lander, we should be able to see the pressure perturbation from that", said Banfield.

While InSight reveals and sets his tools according to the algorithms and commands the center of NASA, he continues to send new images from the surface of Mars, thereby making the team successfully completed the first phase of its mission, it is planned that research InSight Rover will stay on Mars for about two years. The spacecraft is created to drill into Mars' interior.

The photo was captured by InSight's Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC), which is found on the lander's robotic arm.

The answers are believed to have something to do with the as-yet unexplained absence, since Mars' ancient past, of either a magnetic field or tectonic activity, said Nasa's chief scientist James Green. "These differences among the planets we think are due to very subtle changes, very subtle differences in the way they formed early on, and we want to be able to understand those processes".

To confirm landing NASA tweeted the first image from the InSight on-board camera.

Most spectacular is the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package. That's deeper than any instrument that has ever been to Mars. The dust at the landing site needs to settle, once that's done the lander can start to unpack its experiments and place them on the surface of the red planet.

After all, if we are going to send humans to Mars, we're going to need to know much more about what its surface is like. and how bad those Marsquakes are.

Another instrument will burrow almost 16 feet into the soil to measure the heat coming from the interior of the planet, which, like Earth, is still cooling from its fiery creation 4.5 billion years ago.

Confirmation of a successful touchdown is not the end of the challenges of landing on the Red Planet.

As it approaches the surface the heat shield will separate and InSight will have to perform a manoeuvre to escape it - or risk it crashing into the lander once it reaches the surface.

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