Reporters condemn White House decision to bar CNN's Acosta

Trump blows up at Jim Acosta

Sanders alleged that Acosta "placed his hands" on a White House intern during a testy exchange with President Donald Trump. Trump told him "that's enough", called the investigation a "hoax", and then told Acosta he was a "rude, awful person" who treats people "horribly". Its position has been supported by witnesses including Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who was next to Acosta during the news conference and tweeted that he did not see Acosta place his hands on the White House employee. And, it appears the White House got the video from the conspiracy website Infowars.

The decision followed a heated exchange between Acosta and President Donald Trump, in which - during a line of questioning - an intern attempted to take the journalist's microphone away.

On Thursday, Sanders said, "The question is: did the reporter make contact or not?" While President Trump has made it clear he does not respect a free press, he has sworn obligation to protect it.

Later on November 7, the White House suspended Acosta's press pass. "Jim Acosta has certainly does that and this is a moments that not just all reporters but all Americans should be really concerned about and stand together against". She said that "on the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist".

This President's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far. "We will not tolerate the inappropriate behaviour clearly documented in this video", Sanders tweeted. At the White House, "it's a different thing", he said.

Trump's actions during the tense press conference did not sit well with Twitter or Hollywood, who had some thoughts about the president's harsh words. "Secret Service just informed me I can not enter the grounds for my 8 pm hit", Acosta tweeted Wednesday evening. CNN stood with us [when Barack Obama declared war on Fox] ... "Its deceptive, risky and unethical", said association president Whitney Shefte. Sure. Is it appropriate for the White House to seize the hard pass to obstruct daily access to the White House to someone because the president wants to spar with him and considers him a critic? No.

"I'll tell you what". "I do think they are trying to shut us down, to some extent, inside the White House press corps". "As long as @realdonaldtrump is our President, I'm not taking a day off". Peter Baker at The New York Times called Sanders' justification "fake predicate to punish a reporter".



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