Passengers to face AI lie detector tests at European Union airports

AI ‘lie detector’ test to scrutinize travelers’ faces for certain EU border checkpoints

The project, which has received €4.5 million funding from the European Union, has been slammed by experts.

Prior to traveling, people will be required to upload pictures of their passport, visa, and proof of funds online.

You might attempt to "act casual" at the border if you are carrying more than your allowance for duty-free, or far more seriously, are attempting to smuggle illegal contraband across country lines, but the pilot AI, dubbed iBorderCtrl, will detect the little gestures we can not but help to make when we are lying and under pressure.

Travelers answers while facing any of the issues with a webcam so that it will let the system to analyze and rate the dozens of micro-gestures.

"Artificial intelligence" lie detector programs will be tested on people arriving at airports in Hungary, Greece and Latvia, under a new, EU-funded pilot scheme created to partially automate the bloc's border control.

"Micro-expressions really do not say anything about whether someone is lying or not", he said.

This rather unsettling idea is only the first step.

Once at the border, folks flagged as low risk go through a short re-evaluation before entry; higher-risk passengers undergo a more detailed check.

"Border officials will use a hand-held device to automatically cross-check information, comparing the facial images captured during the pre-screening stage to passports and photos taken on previous border crossings", the commission said. If the traveler is believed to be a risk, the case is formally handed over to a human agent for further investigation.

Project's coordinator George Boultadakis, who works for technology supplier European Dynamics in Luxembourg, said: "The system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit".

Even so, if the program does prove to be successful, queuing up at the border might soon become a thing of the past.

Mr Boudakis told the system was "currently under lab testing" with plans to begin deploying it next month at Hungarian, Greek and Latvian land borders, with the pilot scheme scheduled to last nine months.

"Once these systems are put into use, they will not go away".



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