Nintendo Switch YouTube app finally coming in new update

Rumor: YouTube Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch Very Soon

In fact, at the present time, we got words that some Nintendo Switch users have seen the Youtube icon appearing in the "suggested" section of the Nintendo online portal.

Rumour has it that the YouTube app will be coming to Nintendo Switch, and it's coming this week itself. "They shared a tweet from French YouTube site NintendHOME, which tweeted an image of a YouTube app button purportedly found in the recommended apps" section on Nintendo's website.

At the moment Hulu is the only streaming service you can get on the Nintendo Switch, and that's only available in the US.

No official hint yet from Nintendo or Youtube, but previously, Netflix and Youtube functionality was previously listed on a BestBuy Nintendo Switch.

While Nintendo rounded out the Switch's library throughout 2018, the console notoriously lacks social media, streaming, and video apps.

According to unconfirmed reports, an official YouTube app might finally arrive on the Nintendo Switch, now one of the very few modern devices still without a native YouTube client. It's not as simple as opening the non-existent YouTube app, either. If YouTube would indeed come on Nintendo Switch, that would be excellent.

The console is meant for gaming.

Despite this, the app has yet to be made available on Switch.

Both PS4 and Xbox One players have been able to watch YouTube and Netflix for years now, but Nintendo fans are still waiting for even the simplest form of non-gaming entertainment media on the platform. According to rumours, many users visiting the Nintendo website have received a message that the YouTube application will arrive on 8 November.



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