Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption — WWF report

This is the last generation that can save nature - WWF

The WWF's report comes just weeks after a United Nations report on climate change warned that global temperatures are rising quickly, and risk rising to 1.5 degrees, which would wipe out most of the planet's coral reefs and cause severe heatwaves.

Ciaran Flood from the Irish Wildlife Trust says wildlife in Ireland is declining in line with global trends. "We've had a loss of almost two-thirds, on average, of our wild species", said James Snider, vice-president of science, research and innovation for WWF-Canada. "For our way of Life fall in South America, Africa or Asia, the trees, pollute rivers, dwindling animal populations, or species", says Krüger. "We're degrading habitats, overfishing, overhunting and continuing unsustainable agricultural practices on a large scale".

"This is far more than just being about losing the wonders of nature, desperately sad though that is". "This is actually now jeopardising the future of people".

The report states that as our reliance on natural reserves continues to grow, it's clear that nature is not just a "nice thing to have".

"We are rapidly running out of time", said Prof Johan Rockström, a global sustainability expert at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. "We're monitoring more populations (16,704), more species (4,005), and the trend remains the same".

"Exploding" levels of human consumption are driving the affect on nature, with over- exploitation of natural resources such as over-fishing, cutting down forests to grow crops such as soy and palm oil and the use of pesticides in agriculture.

A new WWF report has concluded that populations of vertebrate species - mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish - have declined by an average of 60 per cent since 1970.

The current rate of species loss is 100 to 1,000 times higher than only a few hundred years ago.

. In this landmark anniversary edition, 20 years after its original publication, the Living Planet Report 2018 provides a platform for the best science, cutting-edge research and diverse voices on the impact of humans on the health of our Earth, with inputs from more than 50 experts from academia, policy, global development and conservation organizations across the world. Ecological Footprint accounting calculates human demand on nature by quantifying how much biologically productive area is required by a country to meet demand for food, fibre, timber, roads and buildings, and sequestration of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning.

A senior ecologist who requested not to be named said habitat loss is bound to be associated with decline in biodiversity. "A recent assessment found that only a quarter of land on Earth is substantively free of the impacts of human activities".

"It is a classic example of where the disappearance is the result of our own consumption, because the deforestation is being driven by ever expanding agriculture producing soy, which is being exported to countries including the United Kingdom to feed pigs and chickens", Barrett said.

Wildlife declines are more pronounced in certain areas.



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