Make Siri Suck Less By Telling It to Use Google Assistant

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It's a little clunky because it means you're going to have to use phrases like "Hey Siri, OK Google", to get your Google Assistant to pay attention, but you could make that phrase whatever you want.

According to a new report from The Verge, Google recently released a tool that takes advantage of Apple's new Siri Shortcuts to let users access its smart Google Assistant instead of Siri.

To be clear, all you are doing with this new feature is creating a Siri Shortcut which then launches the Google Assistant app and starts it listening for a command. Google knows this, so it's "fixing" Siri with the latest Assistant app update.

Google's hack is a brilliant as it is ponderous: Those who wish to use the best digital personal assistant on their iPhones had been forced to manually run the Google Assistant app because Apple locks down the default assistant app on its platforms.

Google is making use of Siri Shortcuts to bring an nearly handsfree and native Assistant experience to iPhone, something which it has been offering on Android devices for years now.

Moreover, you can set up Siri shortcuts for phrases that you generally use with the Assistant and use a custom voice command for a one smart home action. They no longer need to open the Google Assistant app to trigger the feature. Using Siri Shortcuts, Google is at least removing one such limitation.

Once done, you can trigger Assistant by simply saying "Hey Siri" followed by the voice phrase you recorded. Apple's Siri came out last for efficiency ...

Once you're all set up, you can then create Siri Shortcuts which call on Google Assistant Routines you've already created. This potentially can bring more Google searches to iOS users. You should be prompted to "Add "Ok Google" to Siri" with a button.



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