Google Chrome to Crack Down on Invasive, Misleading Ads

Chrome 71 will block all ads on sites with persistent malicious ad abuse

"Starting in December 2018, Chrome 71 will remove all ads on the small number of sites with persistent abusive experiences", said Chocolate Factory product manager Vivek Sekhar on Monday, demonstrating the company's perhaps unexpected willingness to forego revenue for the sake of draining the marketer cesspool. Google launched tools to deal with many of those issues in Chrome previous year, however, the company says the tools didn't go far enough.

"In fact, more than half of these abusive experiences are not blocked by our current set of protections, and almost all involve harmful or misleading ads", writes Google product manager Vivek Sekhar. Chrome 71 will come with a filter which will remove all abusive ads from websites.

Website owners can keep a track of reported abusive experiences on their sites from a special report page.

How would an ad be abusive?

Google revealed yesterday that Chrome caught only half of the abusive experiences with the implemented set of protections.

An upcoming version of the browser will block *ALL a href="" *Should You Buy Google's New Pixel Phones? With many browsers adding AdBlock, Google Chrome is one of the late entrants in the ad-blocking enabled browsers. If the Chrome team discovers misleading advertisements on a website, it will give the site owner 30 days to clean them up.

Google is taking a stand against websites that use tactics like shady pop-ups and redirects to trap web users. We should also point out, of course, that this isn't the only major change coming in the new version of the popular web browser, which will also bring new autoplay policies that are an attempt to cut down on the frequency with which video and audio content automatically start playing when a user opens a website.

The criteria is spotting sites that try to show fake error messages (like the ones telling you that you have a virus), sites that redirect you without so much as a by-your-leave as well as anything that seems phishy or social engineer-y.

As such experiences were becoming a commonplace with 1 in 5 feedback reports apparently mentioning some form of user-hostile content.



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