FP’s Guide to the Bolsonaro Presidency

US President Donald Trump speaks from the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington DC

But the Workers' Party, led by Mr. Bolsonaro's election rival Fernando Haddad, remains the largest party with 56 seats.

The press is not the only target of Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right former Army captain.

"Weapons manufacturers have done better on the expectation that, one, he's going to be tougher on crime and, two, one of his campaign promises was to allow people to arm themselves to fight crime", said Jorge Mariscal, emerging markets chief investment officer for UBS Global Wealth Management. And we pledge to renew our efforts to support and bolster their efforts.

The guilty verdict was upheld on appeal and Brazil's Supreme Court has rejected numerous requests to free the former president, universally known as Lula. But polls indicated he would have beaten Bolsonaro.

According to Steve Schwartzmann, senior director of tropical forest policy at the US-based Environment Defense Fund, it is doubtful Bolsonaro would even be able to affect Brazil's departure given the treaty passed unanimously through congress - including Bolsonaro's own vote.

That may give the PT an opening to move beyond its graft-stained image and return to its roots.

"If I had said that during the campaign that would be opportunistic", he said. And in the upper house, where the party has never held a seat, it won four.

The president-elect, who is backed by Brazil's powerful agribusiness lobby, had floated the idea in the past, saying, "Let's be clear: the future ministry will come from the productive sector".

An outspoken Trump admirer, Bolsonaro also vowed to realign Brazil with more advanced economies, such as the United States, overhauling diplomatic priorities after almost a decade and a half of leftist party rule.

But to effectively lead the opposition, the PT may have to give up or tone down its fight to free Lula, which has consumed an vast amount of its political resources.

Once the vanguard of the left, its prestige is badly tarnished.

"(Bolsonaro) is a soldier", Mariscal said.

"Lula-PT-ism has become corrupt and corrupting, and it created an opposing force that is now the biggest force in Brazil".

One area where Bolsonaro can act immediately, however, is on indigenous rights.

"It's as if the gates of hell have been opened - as if hunting season had been declared", Beto de Jesus, an LGBTQ activist and founder of São Paulo's massive annual gay pride parade, told The Guardian of what he sees as a new era of anti-LGBTQ brutality.

Brazil's PT Party had been in power from January 2013 until 2016.

Bolsonaro was referring to the hundreds of millions of reais the Brazilian government spends in advertising each year in local media outlets, mainly for promotions of state-run firms.



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