Florida Recounts Votes In Races For U.S. Senate And Governor

A crowd protests outside the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office Friday Nov. 9 2018 in Lauderhill Fla. A possible recount looms in a tig

During the machine recount, ballots with "undervotes" or "overvotes" are pulled out by the tally machine.

Scott said Sunday that Nelson wants fraudulent ballots and those cast by noncitizens to count, pointing to a Nelson lawyer's objection of Palm Beach County's rejection of one provisional ballot because it was cast by a noncitizen.

The recount is already secured by police outside and deputies inside, with both parties and campaigns monitoring the entire process.

In Broward County, the recount was delayed for several hours Sunday morning because of a problem with one of the tabulation machines.

Inside, the machines had only begun to separate out the first page of the ballots.

Unofficial results show that Republican former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis led Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum by 0.41 percentage points in the election for governor.

From a distant glance, the recounts might dredge up memories of the 2000 presidential recount, when it took more than five weeks for Florida to declare George W. Bush the victor over Vice President Al Gore by 537 votes, thus giving Bush the presidency. He said the only goal of the request was to "protect the integrity of the vote".

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which has said it will review allegations of criminal fraud, stated that it had no active investigations as of late Friday.

Nelson's campaign is also gearing up for a legal challenge that could, perhaps more than any recount, lead to a fundamental shakeup of the race. The Scott campaign said he will be coming to Washington this week to participate in some orientation activities for new members of Congress, including the photo and voting in leadership elections.

Marc Elias on Monday told reporters that Florida's law was not created with the intention of meeting rigid timetable requirements for the elections of a U.S. Senator or a governor and so if counties need more time, the state ought to grant them waivers to make sure they have time to count every ballot.

As an example, he cited the Miami-Dade County postal facility that was evacuated because explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats were processed there.

"Florida's 7 p.m. Election Day receipt deadline for vote by mail ballots burdens the right to vote of eligible voters", the suit said.

Video recordings now reflect that volunteer poll workers were loading ballots cast by Broward county citizens into their own private vehicles, before driving to a parking lot and throwing them in the back of an enterprise rental truck.

The re-count is scheduled for completion on Thursday. Half began last weekend amid early drama focused on Broward and Palm Beach counties, home to large concentrations of Democratic voters.

Florida remains the most contentious state, with Republicans having declared victory in both of the biggest statewide races - yet their Democratic opponents are unwilling to concede. In the Senate race, Scott's lead over Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson is 0.14 percentage points. Putnam County will begin its recount Tuesday and Clay County on Wednesday.

Democrats have filed lawsuits asking a federal district court in northern Florida to stop the state from rejecting ballots when voters' signatures do not match the records on file.

And second question is, what happens then if a county isn't finished recounting by Thursday?

"We know that they continue to try to count after the deadline, which was noon on Saturday", he also said.

"The professionalism is clear".

"The law does not require to utilize that specific machine", Chambless said. The governor's race, however, may not reach the threshold for a hand recount. Snipes has pointed to high turnout and a lengthy ballot.

Ceasar added that the GOP lawsuits are a "form of voter suppression, in futuristically", because they have the potential to undermine voters' trust in the electoral system and depress engagement.



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