Files by Google: Android’s file browser, at long last

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The new API gives developers two new ways to update their apps.

Files by Google is an app that's very, very similar to what was first presented in the Android Go app called Files Go. We've also redesigned the user experience to make sure that the content of your mobile phone is the focus when you use the app, all while keeping the same functions and playfulness that people love.

Google released the Files Go app late past year and as the name suggests, it was meant for Android Go users. The API provides a couple of options to Android developers to push latest updates to their apps.

Google says that the PHA infection rate for "Google Play only" users is 0.09 percent, while the same figure is 0.61 percent for users who also sideloaded apps. By removing the "Go" part of the name, it is indicating to users that the app is of general usefulness for any users, and not just those with super low-end devices running on spotty networks. The second option is a flexible update, which means the user can keep using the app while the update is downloaded. This, and the fact that you're now allowed to use the app until the update is complete, suggests that this method will be used for critical updates like bug fixes and security hole plugs. Once the update is downloaded, simply restart the app and you're done.

For example, the percentage of Android devices that contain at least one potentially harmful application (PHA) -the term Google uses for Android malware- is above the 0.5 percent figure for Android devices running KitKat (4.x), Lollipop (5.x), and Marshmallow (6.x), but it's way smaller for newer OS versions.

Cuthbertson noted that the In-App Updates API is still in testing with Android's early access partners.



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