Dozens Of Mummified Cats Found In Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Mummies of cats, scarabs found in newly discovered Egyptian tombs

But, the archaeological excavations went on a little farther, with the result that scientists have found many mummified scarab beetles used by the inhabitants of Egypt as amulets.

A few years ago in Successcom the necropolis was discovered about 8 million mummy dogs, which were buried about 2.5 thousand years ago in the catacombs near the Church of the God of death Anubis.

An archaeologists works on an artifact inside a tomb, at an ancient necropolis near Egypt's famed pyramids in Saqqara, Giza, Egypt.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Antiquities aims to intensify work in West Luxor in order to discover more ancient Egyptian treasures, and to supervise the restoration and maintenance works carried out in Luxor within the government's framework to turn Luxor and Aswan into modern touristic hubs, restoring their solid positions among the worldwide touristic resorts.

Egyptian archaeologists discovered dozens of cat mummies and wooden animal statues in a tomb.

Seven sarcophagi, some of them dating back more than 6,000 years, have been discovered in a pyramid complex in Saqqara, south of the Egyptian capital, archaeology officials from the Ministry of Antiquities have announced.

Archeologists while searching in the area of the sanctuary of goddess Bastet in the Saqqara necropolis near Cairo, where a mass grave of animals, found a rare collection of mummified cats and first discovered the mummy scarabs. Another collection of scarab mummies was also found inside a smaller, limestone sarcophagus decorated with one scarab painted in black.

Cats held a special place in Ancient Egypt and were mummified as religious offerings.

"The scarab is something really unique. It is something really a bit rare", said Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities. Other statues depicted a lion, a cow and a falcon. "I had never heard about them before".

Men carry mummified cats from a tomb at the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt on Saturday.

Waziri said the mission had also unearthed the first mummies of scarabs to be found in the area.



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