Donald Trump should ignore impeachment fears and worry about THIS Democrat plot

Even after leading her party to House majority Nancy Pelosi faces battle for speaker’s gavel

On September 27, Christine Blasey Ford testified before Congress, alleging that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her more than 35 years ago when they were teenagers.

"All you are going to do is end up in back and forth and back and forth, and two years is going to end up and we won't have done a thing", Mr Trump said. "The fact that Republicans won both races there when Democrats were amply funded and felt like they had a ticket that matched their electorate is a pretty big deal".

Votes are still being counted in more than a dozen too-close-to-call races in the USA two days after balloting ended, leaving the eventual political shape of Congress in doubt.

Two years ago, Trump secured his victory by winning two big prizes, OH easily and Florida narrowly, and then carrying Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by the thinnest or margins - less that one percentage point in each state.

"Where [GOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ron] DeSantis and [GOP Senate candidate Gov. Rick] Scott did well were places that Obama did pretty respectably in 2008 and 2012", said Schale, who helped lead the former president's successful efforts in Florida.

On the other hand, of the 11 candidates Trump campaigned with over the last week, nine won.

Returning to his immigration-heavy 2016 playbook, Trump went on to unleash his full fury on a caravan of migrants slowly making their way to the southern border.

Weinfeld said he was not surprised Democrats fell short of a majority in the House, and few experts predicted the party would take the Senate.

"I'm calling this right now: Unless Trump is getting taken down easily in his re-election, he is winning Florida in 2020".

He also sidestepped repeated questions about possible staffing changes in his West Wing or cabinet - including the fate of embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions - but hinted that moves could be coming soon.

"In a stark contrast to the GOP Congress, the Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness so that the public can see what is happening and how it affects them", she said in a victory speech to Democrats on Tuesday night.

There were also warning signs for Democrats in Florida, a perennial swing state that is increasingly delivering victories - however narrow - to the GOP.

"We've been having the discussion within the caucus", Welch said.

He pointed to Republican Gov. -elect Mike DeWine in neighboring OH as someone who was able to do that, while Pennsylvania GOP Senate nominee Lou Barletta and Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner could not. It's unclear how this group of people will affect the 2020 election.

Of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation that has shadowed his administration for more than 18 months, Mr Trump said that he could end it now but lets it continue. But even with statewide losses in MI and Wisconsin on Tuesday, he argued there were still encouraging signs for the GOP and Trump in the Midwest.

In Indiana, incumbent Democrat Donnelly lost despite the race not even being considered a toss-up by FiveThirtyEight, and their statisticians giving him a 5 in 7 chance of winning. Republicans flipped Democratic seats in Missouri (Claire McCaskill), Indiana (Joe Donnelly), North Dakota (Heidi Heitkamp), and maybe in Florida (Bill Nelson).

Democrats running for Senate seats received some 12 million more votes than Republicans, but the structure of the USA political system - which allocates two Senate seats per state - means candidates in less populated states needed fewer votes to win.

Republicans on Tuesday again swept the races for governor and four other state offices.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence panel, Adam Schiff of California, has pushed for answers on the administration's response to the killing of USA -based journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi operatives in Turkey.

It is from this perspective that the results look like something less than the "tremendous success" Trump boasted about on Twitter.

Story of the suburbs. and beyond?

He pointed to severalpolls that suggest Republican attack ads featuring Pelosi did not motivate voters in the midterm elections.

Democrats did well on a national level with the House, much like how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but ultimately lost the presidency, while Republicans still won in states that are important to the Electoral College.

Robert Mueller and his team have gone silent in the weeks ahead of the midterm election, which handed subpoena power to House Democrats - who are ready to protect the investigation from the president's interference, reported Politico. "That said, 2018 reinforced the patterns we saw in 2016, with Republicans doing better in smaller, slower growing, more rural counties and Democrats drawing more strength in larger, more faster growing suburban counties". But with a bigger Republican majority, McConnell will be able to comfortably confirm just about any nominee that Trump sends him and the Senate's focus on filling the federal judiciary with a generation of conservative judges will continue. Clinton came within 10 points of Trump in Texas and trailed him by less than 5 points in Georgia.

'In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats.

While 29-year old progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez captured the attention of progressives around the country with her surprising victory in the Democratic primary, her race was essentially over at that stage.



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