Cleveland Browns want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head coaching job

Browns reportedly want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head coaching job

Condoleezza Rice: NFL head coach?

Rice, a lifelong Browns fan who often attends home games, would become the first woman to be interviewed for an National Football League head-coaching job.

The Browns "would like" to interview the former United States Secretary of State for their open head coaching job, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday, citing a source.

Laugh all you want, but the Cleveland Browns aren't.

The Cleveland Browns have one of the top head coaching vacancies on the market but do not expect them to simply go by the book when it comes to their next hire.

A source told ESPN is interested in talking to Rice - a big fan of the Browns - to see what she can offer to the coaching gig and the team as a whole. Gregg Williams is now serving as the team's interim head coach after the dismissal of Hue Jackson. It hardly brings to mind political ties and torture connected with the murky backstory of 66th US Secretary of State, Condoleezza.

She also serves on the College Football Playoff selections committee.

Unsurprisingly, the Twitterati has been prolific with darkly humorous references to alleged "lifelong Browns fan" Rice's past role in the U.S. government, and other potential appointments for the Browns. She also recently chaired a commission on college basketball, which recommended significant changes to the sport.

A source confirmed to ESPN that 64-year-old Rice is "an fantastic person".



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