China unveils new Heavenly Palace space station as ISS days numbered

Bagged your 8K TV? You can now watch 8K video of space on it

That's actually quite a bit smaller than the ISS, which is about as large as an American football field if you count its large solar panels.

"There is no doubt that China will use its station in a similar way as the ISS partners are using their outpost: research, technology and as a stepping-stone for deep-space exploration", said Chen Lan, a reporter at news portal which is a collaborator of the Chinese space program. Construction is expected to be completed around 2022.

Institutes, universities, and public and private companies were invited to submit projects.

While most of us are still trailing behind with 4k televisions or sets with a likely much lower resolution, NASA sent a Helium RED 8k ultra high definition (UHD) camera to the International Space Station to capture some unbelievable videos. However, China's space agency unveiled the new core module for the station at an airshow this week, indicating that it plans to do a lot more with the station in the future. Earlier this year, the country announced that the lab would be open to "all countries" to conduct science experiments and the European Space Agency has already sent astronauts to China for training so that they can use the space station once it is up and running.

China says its space station will be open to all countries. The country's state media reported that China had received around 40 plans from 27 countries and regions.

The computer glitch was the latest in a string of technical failures involving Russian space hardware. She also hopes to send a robot on Mars and humans on the Moon.

"I'm sure over time China will be successful developing partnerships", said Bill Ostrove, space analyst with USA -based Forecast International consultancy.

The second iteration, Tiangong-2, is still a work in progress. "But the business issues are becoming increasingly important in the space, and she recognizes the innovation and science as major economic engines". "It will therefore be hard for one or two countries or companies to dominate the sector in the same way that the United States were during the cold War", the judge said it.



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