Trump calls Elizabeth Warren a ‘phony’ over DNA test

Trump Says Warren Being 'slammed' over DNA Test

President Donald Trump revived Tuesday his "Pocahontas" nickname for Elizabeth Warren, a day after the MA senator released a DNA test amplifying the controversy over her claimed Native American heritage.

"Who cares?" Trump initially said when first asked about the DNA test.

That tweet was like chum, and today Trump swam right for it, once again calling Warren "Pocahontas" but this time adding "the bad version". At one point, the school newspaper referred to Warren as "the first woman with a minority background to be tenured". Furthering Warren's self-own, it turns out the average American has 0.8 percent Native blood, making her claim even less impressive.

The results show a strong connection to her Cherokee heritage, and her previous employers Harvard Law had not given consideration to her alleged ancestry when hiring her according to an investigation from the Boston Globe.

ABC then aired a portion of Warren's ad that declared the prominent Democrat "absolutely had a Native American ancestor", without reporting that the test revealed she could only be between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American.

Warren meanwhile, also took to Twitter, saying Trump "fumbled and lied on your $1 Million pledge". It was a statistic the paper argued was probably reported by Warren herself to the school. I say that with respect, but you would.

Brown's campaign pounced on this, but they arguably overplayed their hand.

"Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to North or South America". Warren said earlier this month that she will strongly consider running in 2020, once next month's midterm elections are done.

Controversy over released documents stretch back to Barack Obama's Presidency, when the "birther" movement spurred by Donald Trump led the former President to release his birth certificate.

Pocahontas was a historical figure from the 17th Century and using her name in an intentionally disparaging way insults native peoples and degrades their cultures.

"I found this to be pretty embarrassing for her", said co-host Abby Huntsman.

ABC's "World News Tonight" focused on "Pocahontas" being a "racial slur" and anchor David Muir reminded viewers that Trump once suggested he would pay $1 million to a charity if she took a DNA test to prove her heritage.

Meanwhile, the Cherokee Nation isn't buying Warren's explanations either and issued a brutal statement refuting her "evidence" as "useless".

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), fresh off his re-branding during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning that he's thinking of taking one of those mail-in DNA tests, and he's nearly certain it will prove he's more Native American than Sen.



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