Microsoft announces Project xCloud, its own AMD GPU-powered game streaming service

Microsoft looks to take Xbox experience onto mobile

Microsoft is all set to launch its project xCloud which will allow the people to play their favorite Xbox games on a variety of different screens, from PC monitors to smartphones.

"Scaling and building the xCloud project has been a long journey for us", says Kareem Choudhry, Head of Cloud Gaming. By the way, the Microsoft Azure data centers located in more than 140 countries and therefore for the successful implementation of the service Project xCloud already have a ready base. Nowadays, the games you play are majorly dictated by your choice in the device. "We are testing Project xCloud today", wrote Microsoft in the announcement.

Microsoft has finally announced details of its cloud-powered streaming technology, now called Project xCloud, which has been in the works for a while now. Microsoft has broken Xbox's into their individual components and created a single server "blade" that can host multiple consoles.

Last June, on the occasion of the conference Xbox E3, Phil Spencer recalls that the players would soon be able to play any game, anywhere, on any medium. Rest assured, if a problem crops up in nearly any corner of the world, Microsoft will at the very least, be able to hear about it and take steps to ensure that the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

The current test runs on devices (mobile phones, tablets) paired with an Xbox Wireless Controller through Bluetooth, and it is also playable using touch input. It aims to deliver "high-quality experiences at the lowest possible bitrates that work across the widest possible networks", and that includes a promise for 4G and 5G rollout, too.

The team is also working on a "new game-specific touch input overlay" that should support controller-free playing. Eventually, other devices should be added to the list, but for now, the 2019 trial tests will take place on mobile devices.

The service was demonstrated in a video featuring shooter game Halo and racing game Forza being played on Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft themselves seem to be sure about the success of such an endeavour, in spite of the complexities they will inevitably face.

"I may think that some saying the future of gaming is 100% streaming are looking to reclaim the % royalty now paid on content purchased via digital storefronts more than delivering an improved consumer experience".



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