Federal carbon tax unfair, will hurt people in the wallet: Manitoba premier

Average Ont. family of 4 to receive $307 in carbon tax rebates

Trudeau added that he found it "incredibly frustrating" that the terms of the contract with the Saudis meant he could not discuss it in more detail. The fuel surcharge alone will raise about $2.3 billion in revenue next year, rising to $5.6 billion by 2022-2023.

Jennifer Winter, director of energy and environmental policy at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, estimated a year ago that at $20 a tonne, the annual cost to households would be $413 in Saskatchewan, $386 in New Brunswick, $283 in Ontario and $273 in Manitoba. Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are the only ones who haven't.

"A number of the provinces have refused to do that, so because pollution doesn't stop at provincial borders, we're going to move forward with a federal approach", Trudeau told CBC Radio before the announcement.

A senior source tells The Canadian Press the federal rebates will not be income tested, meaning all families will be eligible for the rebates in any province where the federal carbon price applies. He said he plans on being in the middle of the debate next year when the federal election heats up. There is already opposition to the carbon tax, particularly from Ontario's Doug Ford who is using Trump's scare tactics to get people riled up over something that is very important to our survival.

Canada gave the provinces two years to come with carbon tax pricing initiatives.

Ottawa plans to mail out rebate cheques to compensate people in provinces without a plan. The $20 per tonne initial charge is the equivalent of 4.42 cents per liter on gasoline. The Climate Action Initiative intends to return 90 per cent of the revenues raised to individuals via rebates. "They know that carbon pollution doesn't have boundaries".

All four provinces where the plan is to be imposed are either governed by conservatives, or may soon be. "The federal carbon pricing system as it is structured further weakens our investment position". Ottawa says it will remit roughly seven per cent of the revenues to small businesses, and about three per cent to hospitals and schools. The prices of many consumer goods and services will also go up to reflect the carbon tax that businesses pay.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, Ontario's Environment Minister Rod Phillips said a provincial system would better serve the countries' different economies.

"Nobody has to be convinced anymore that the environment is something we need to take care off, the questions now is, are we going to act or not?"

Trudeau's top rival in next year's vote also blasted the carbon plan.

Residents in jurisdictions where governments are implementing a carbon price that meets federal benchmarks (British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Northwest Territories) will not receive rebates.

"Canadians won't be tricked by this".

On Tuesday he called the new rebate plan an "election gimmick". "Life is going to get a lot more expensive for hardworking Canadians families and large industrial polluters are getting off scot free".

Because that's what Trudeau claimed Tuesday.

"Will we kick this can down the road yet again to be dealt with in another place or at another time or will we show some courage and do what needs to be done for this generation and the next", he said.

Environmental groups and advocates applauded him.

Unlike some political leaders, both in Canada and elsewhere, the prime minister said he is not willing to pass the burden of climate change on to our children and grandchildren.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May also praised the federal plan but warned it won't be enough.



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