Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall won't be attending Princess Eugenie's royal wedding

A Look Back at Princess Diana's Style

New reports say that even though the entire royal family will be there - including Eugenie's parents Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson - Camilla is being forced to skip the ceremony and reception.

'We learnt something yesterday that neither of us had heard before that Catherine and Meghan will wear something they've worn before so as not to upstage the bride?' He said.

Meanwhile royal fans are eager to ascertain what Princess Eugenie is wearing for her big day.

Although the Duke and Duchess of York tried to persuade her otherwise, Camilla was adamant that she would not break her promise to the schoolchildren that she would attend their harvest festival.

Speaking to Britain's The Sun, one source close to the situation said, "When this date was proposed, she said that regrettably, she couldn't come". Although Camilla is not Eugenie's blood-related aunt, she's definitely a close member of the family, but has chosen not to attend Eugenie's wedding at Windsor Castle. The official engagement is not listed on the royal family website, but Camilla has reportedly already made up her mind.

Who is in Eugenie and Jack's bridal party?


Invited guests will be arriving at Eugenie's wedding from 8:30am London time, with the service and carriage ride expected to unfold in the hours following. The adorable eldest children of Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially been named as page boy and bridesmaid in Friday's royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Wonder if they'll save a slice for Camilla?



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