Verizon Will Offer 5G Home Internet Next Month in Select Cities

Verizon 5G Home

The age of 5G is upon us, even if it's not coming to phones quite yet. Instead of exclusively relying on an underground fiber optic cable, Verizon's technology simply involves installing a router built with fixed antennas to deliver the broadband wirelessly.

Verizon is launching its new 5G service as a home broadband alternative starting on October 1st. You can begin signing up for the service tomorrow.

The new 5G service will be available to customers living in four major U.S. cities: Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Taxes and fees are included in that rate, and there's no annual contract.

The company is promising "typical networks speeds" of 300Mbps with peak speeds of 1Gbps thanks to its extensive fiber-based backhaul, extensive cell coverage and large holdings of millimeter wave spectrum for maximum bandwidth - all part of Verizon's neatly packaged 5G Ultra Wideband Network. There are "no data caps" either.

You've likely heard the term a lot recently, but what is 5G? The service will arrive with an introductory promotion offering three months for free, after which point certain Verizon Wireless smartphone customers will be charged $50/month. Signing up for service includes "free white glove installation and equipment", as well as free router and router upgrades as they become available in 2019.

"5G is here", Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, Verizon said it would upgrade "Verizon 5G Home" customers' equipment to the 3GPP standard next year at no charge. Verizon is also throwing in three free months of YouTube TV (regularly $40 per month), plus a free Apple TV 4K or Chromecast. "We developed early standards that allowed the industry and hardware and software manufacturers to build solutions more quickly".



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