Twitch blocked in China

Twitch is Reportedly Blocked in China After Government Crackdown

However, the decision was not implemented consistently, and while the majority of China's provinces doesn't have access to the game streaming site, some region scattered in Northern and Southern China could still access the platform yesterday.

Twitch reportedly was the third most downloaded free app in China a few weeks ago, because state TV, CCTV, didn't air the esports matches at the Asian Games.

The move towards blocking Twitch is surprising to see but China was already heading towards offering stricter gaming regulations in their country.

This is the first time that esports have been part of an global event, and so Chinese citizens were disappointed with the lack of coverage, tuning in to Twitch to see the action firsthand.

Other say that Twitch got the ban because the Chinese netizens have been... not quite verbally civil with the gamers from other countries during the Asian Games.

According to a report by CNN, Twitch - the popular game streaming service owned by Amazon - has been blocked in China. The company didn't give any details about the service ban. It was first removed from the local App Store following the massive download increase of the app in the mainland China. China is known for banning Western websites and social media, and this may be no different.

While no one knows just how this happened - Twitch itself hasn't provided any sort of official comment, nor has these Chinese government - we do know that the service itself is basically inaccessible throughout most of the country.

The service, which livestreams video gameplay and esports tournaments, has been blocked in China, a Twitch spokesman said in an email Friday. It joins Facebook and Twitter, which have both been banned for a number of years at this point, and Reddit, which was blocked last month.

The website is also unavailable via web browser, as when users attempt to log on to the site, they are given an error message.



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