Texan running 3D-printed gun company ordered to leave Taiwan

Cody Wilson

EBC News in Taiwan reports Wilson attempted to lease a home in Taipei this week, but a real estate agent recognized him from news coverage and alerted authorities, leading to his arrest.

He was scheduled to arrive at his new address on Friday afternoon local time to pick up the keys but never showed up. After the police confirmed that Wilson was present, he was placed under arrest at 6 PM local time.

Wilson's passport has been voided, which means that he is staying in Taiwan without proper documentation and is eligible for deportation.

Although there's no extradition treaty between the USA and Taiwan, the American Institute of Taiwan moved to cancel Wilson's passport, meaning he'll no longer have a legal travel document, making deportation to the US possible, according to the news report.

Wilson faces a charge of sexual assault, a second degree felony that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. He didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Austin, Texas, police commander Troy Officer told Fox that a friend of the victim is thought to have told Wilson that he was under investigation before he left.

Detectives have spoken with the victim, Officer said at the news conference, and "in their opinion, if someone mistakes her age, it would be because they think she's younger, not older, than the 16-year-old that she is".

Cody Wilson ― 3D-printed gun creator, neo-Nazi funder and sexual assault suspect ― jetted to Taiwan after finding out that police in Austin, Texas, were after him.

The company made headlines in July after the Department of Justice ruled it was legal to distribute the blueprints online, despite several states trying to ban them. They met in Austin on August 15 where Wilson brought her back to a hotel room.

The files could previously be downloaded for free, but a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction last month that blocked the posting of the blueprints online. According to the warrant, the teen said she had sex with the 30-year-old, whom she had met on SugarDaddyMeet.com, in exchange for $500. And, in one message, Sanjuro identified himself as Cody Wilson, police said. Once the victim and Wilson left the hotel he drove her to a fast-food restaurant and she walked to a parked auto.



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