Sony's $100 PlayStation Classic will launch this December

PlayStation Classic mini retro console is launching in time for Christmas

After the success of Nintendo's mini retro consoles, we have seen others attempt to follow in its footsteps. The company just announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of the original PlayStation.

"The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original's look and feel by featuring the same controllers and similar packaging", Sony wrote.

A size comparison: The PS Classic (left) and the original PlayStation (right) when it launched back in 1994.

It seemed inevitable following Nintendo's success with their classic plug-and-play consoles loaded up with the games of yesteryear. The new model comes nearly 24 years after the debut of the original PlayStation that arrived in December 1994.

Almost 25 years later (yep, it has been that long!), they've remade the console A LOT smaller and will come with all of the necessary paraphernalia to make sure it works on your big, new TV. The Reset button will now suspend games (pause) whilst the open button, which originally popped up the disc lid, will now change the virtual disc for you to select a new game.

The PlayStation Classic, which is nearly half the size of the original machine, hits shelves on December 3 - the 24th anniversary of the console's release. On the front the memory card slots don't operate but the console includes built-in memory for save game storage. "All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format", Sony said in a blog post.

PlayStation Classic is going for an RRP of £89.99 / €99.99 / $99.99.



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