Six killed, including gunman, in series of shootings in Bakersfield

Gunman kills five people in a series of shootings in California in US

Six people have been killed in linked shootings in the city of Bakersfield in California, police say.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said the man first showed up at the business with his wife shortly before 5.30pm local time, where he confronted another man, shooting him then shooting his wife. There is no information yet if the other four were related to the attacker.

Once at the home, the suspect gunned down two men inside before hijacking a vehicle.

He then carjacked a woman who was driving with her child.

After hijacking a vehicle with a woman and child in it, the man was then confronted by a deputy and shot himself dead.

Witnesses said another man showed up at the business and was also shot by the suspect after chasing that victim to Miller Drive.

King said police were investigating five scenes and interviewing some 30 witnesses to determine what triggered the rampage.

According to the Californian, Youngblood said the suspect went to a trucking business with his wife and confronted another male.

"It's highly unusual to have six people killed in one incident", the sheriff said.

Two men were shot at a residence in Bakersfield, Southern California. They both managed to escape unharmed.

"Obviously there's some type of situation that caused the husband to be extremely upset", Youngblood said, adding that he's confident of a connection between those involved. No names were released.

"This is the new normal", said Youngblood.



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