Play Games on Multiple Consoles With Nintendo Switch Online

You can now share your Switch game downloads across consoles

Tonight's eShop maintenance is officially over, and Nintendo Switch Online is officially live.

Nintendo Switch Online can be purchased in three ways - by a one-month subscription for $3.99 Dollars, a three-month subscription for $7.99, and a 12-month subscription for $19.99 USD. Presumably this was due to fan outcry over the original idea of offering one classic game per month to subscribers.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN and has already signed up for Nintendo Switch Online and will go back to playing Super Mario Bros. after he publishes this article.

You can now share your Switch game downloads across consoles
Play Games on Multiple Consoles With Nintendo Switch Online

The shift to paid online for most retail games, with exceptions like free-to-play titles, and paid voice chat (all previously free). The app also uses a database file that lists compatible NES games in plaintext. However, hackers managed to crack the app's emulator, allowing anyone to install their own NES ROMs and successfully play them on the Nintendo Switch. KapuccinoHeck discovered that all the game files on Switch Online are run of the mill.nes files that can be found on the plethora of ROM sites across the internet. Keep in mind that the process requires a modded or jailbroken Switch, which still requires a complex and somewhat risky procedure.

Still, it's ironic that Nintendo, the company that recently sued several ROM sites into oblivion for piracy, may be using some of these "pirated" ROMs themselves.



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