Modi Government Has Crossed All Limits, Says Manmohan Singh At Bandh

Petrol and Diesel prices go up again Check out rates on September 8 in metro cities

Fuel prices in Delhi are the cheapest among all metros and most State capitals due to lower taxes. Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also attributed the hike in fuel prices mainly to rupee depreciation. Till May 31, when the LDF government effected a slight cut in the sales tax on petrol and diesel, Kerala's was the sixth highest sales tax levy on both petrol and diesel. On the other hand, the taxes imposed by the Narendra Modi government on fuel is considerably high. The price of diesel rose to Rs 77.32, also an increase of Rs 0.23.

Here is one aspect that Left parties who are in the forefront of the nationwide hartal against the galloping fuel prices on Monday should ponder. This led to its excise collections from petro goods more than doubling in last four years - from Rs 99,184 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 2,29,019 crore in 2017-18. Because the price is built up by excessive taxes on petrol and diesel. These taxes are a huge revenue generator for the government, and the current regime is using these as milch cows to garner greater revenue while the common people suffer. The excise duty on petrol was ₹9.2 per litre in 2014 and it has gone up to ₹19.48 per litre. "Now that the rupee has crossed 72 to a USA dollar, what would they say now", he asked and added that the economic progress and GDP growth rate has been squandered by the Modi government. The revised rates are applicable from 6 am from today. Earlier, petrol prices were revised every fortnight, meaning that unlike now, the prices changed on the 1st and 16th of every month.

"We have given income tax relief to the tune of Rs 98,000 crore and also Rs 80,000 crore on account of GST rate cuts on 334 commodities", he said.

Fuel prices continued to rise on Monday, with the price of petrol touching Rs 88.12 a litre - an increase of Rs 0.23 a litre - in Mumbai, reported ANI.

Mr. Maken said the difference between fuel price hikes during the (UPA) regime and the Modi government is that while global crude prices dictated their upward revision, the Modi government used low worldwide crude prices to make windfall gains.



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