Microsoft Edge warns Windows 10 users to avoid Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft really doesn't want you to abandon Edge on Windows 10

Beta News has revealed the unsavoury latest trick Microsoft has up its sleeve to stop you moving away from Microsoft Edge, now debuting in the 1809 Insider's build of Windows 10. It reads, "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10". The company recommends users to install Edge on its official websites, and asks users to use Edge instead of a different browser when they try changing their default browser on the OS.

Microsoft Edge is not doing so well despite the fact that it is the default web browser on Windows 10.

This intercept is now showing up in Windows 10 version 1809 Insider builds, and we don't yet know if this is something that will be switched off when Windows 10 1809, aka the October 2018 Update, rolls out to all users next month, but I certainly wouldn't bet on it. "Open settings" link, you'll be taken to the Settings Apps Apps & Features page. Microsoft is now training users to click through these warnings, which also appear after you download and launch an app.

Instead of disabling the app recommendations by default, Microsoft seems to be enabling them by default.

NetMarketShare has Chrome dominating the browser market with a 65.21 percent share, followed by Internet Explorer on 10.68 percent, Firefox with 9.76 percent, and Edge on 4.3 percent. If that's true, we don't imagine this process will make it into the next Windows 10 update.

Microsoft has released Edge for Android and the browser has been well received by Android users.

Text in the pop-up claims that Edge is a "faster, safer" browser for the Windows 10 operating system. It shows a smiling person standing in front of the Edge logo, leading what is presumably their best life now that they've broken free of Chrome and Firefox. People use Windows in the real world to run a variety of applications, not just connect to Microsoft services in half-baked "Universal" apps, "Metro" apps, or whatever we're calling them now. It provides the users with two options - "Open Microsoft Edge" and "Install anyway".



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