Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Baymax

Kingdom Hearts is getting the VR treatment

Fans can now relive classic Kingdom Hearts moments as a fully immersive experience. But as Kingdom Hearts 3 hits the home stretch, PlayStation VR owners will have a special something to help tide them over before that January release date.

Square Enix has given us a better look at the Big Hero 6 world in its upcoming Kingdom Hearts III and it certainly is a feast for the eyes. The latest preview debuted at the PlayStation Lineup Tour, which serves as a pre-Tokyo Game Show event. This holiday, gather your friends and family to enjoy a free 10-minute interactive video featuring the series' iconic, breathtaking music. They also revealed Kingdom Hearts VR Experience. A brief scene of the Monsters Inc. world was shown as well with Randall Boggs, one of the movie's main antagonists, slithering up behind the team that's accompanied by Mike and Sully. Alongside this news came a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, adding to its already sizable collection of other trailers. Fans can also unlock new content by playing through KINGDOM HEARTS: VR Experience, although what this content is has yet to be announced.

With all of the worlds and characters included, Kingdom Hearts III promises to be the biggest game of the series, much to the delight of the KH/Disney fanbase. One is a cooking game with Remy from Ratatouille. You can view the new KH3 trailer below, but keep in mind it's only available in Japanese for now. Or, in this case, the promise of a VR experience.



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