Crowdfunding campaign tied to Collins' vote on Kavanaugh surpasses $1 million

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But Collins voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch, Trump's first Supreme Court nominee.

Liberals who oppose Mr Kavanaugh's nomination have raised $900,000 (£690,000) for Senator Collins' opponent's campaign in the 2020 election, in a bid to pressurise her to vote against the nomination.

The unusual fundraising effort by Maine People's Alliance, Mainers for Accountable Leadership and activist Ady Barkan on the platform Crowdpac had raised more than $1 million by Tuesday - a not insignificant amount for a political race in the small state. Lisa Murkowski. Confirming a Supreme Court nominee takes just 51 votes and Republicans now hold 51 seats.

Buried under no fewer than 10 paragraphs and the anodyne headline "Interest Groups Turn Up Pressure on Senators Before Kavanaugh Vote", the far-left New York Times finally gets to the meat of the story with the news that Collins and her staffers are facing "threats" and "vulgar language" from the left-wing Resistance, all of this in the hope of intimidating Collins to vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation. Most or all Republicans in the Senate will vote to confirm him; most or all Democrats will reject him. Collins obviously doesn't know her. Sen.

Maine Senator Susan Collins will play a pivotal role in the upcoming vote on whether to consent to Donald Trump's nominated candidate. Lisa Murkowski to call for a complete vetting of Kavanaugh. And Kavanaugh is so anti-choice that he even refers to birth control as "abortion-inducing drugs". If Collins votes in favor of Kavanaugh, however, the $1 million or more will be donated to the campaign of Collins' 2020 opponent. A MetroNews poll, for example, had Manchin ahead by 8%. "Collins' opponent, in exchange for her vote on a specific matter before the Congress".

Another Senate Democrat who voted for Gorsuch and is seeking reelection in 2018 is Indiana's Joe Donnelly. And Kavanaugh's opponents are fearful that Donnelly will vote for Kavanaugh if he fears that a vote against Kavanaugh could endanger his lead. She might be running for president, and acknowledging she was wrong about a Republican nominee would certainly hurt her. While other Democratic senators have been vocal in their opposition to Kavanaugh, Heitkamp met with him for about 75 minutes in August and issued an official statement saying she was weighing the decision carefully.



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