Christie denies accounts in Woodward's Trump book

Trump blasted back with a tweet quoting'TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie pressing Woodward about his anonymous sources and reminding him that two senior officials have publicly denied stories about them in the book ever happened

Trump and several high-profile White House staffers have hit back hard against Woodward's book, quotes attributed to administration officials, and the reliance on anonymous sourcing.

"The idea that the Secretary of Defense has to tell the president that all of these actions are created to prevent the ultimate catastrophe", Woodward said. In August 2017, the New York Times reported that Cohn had drafted a resignation letter over Trump referred to white supremacists in Charlottesville as "very fine people". "Never has a country given so much away for so little in return" as the USA had in Afghanistan, Modi had said to Trump, according to The Washington Post.

Trump jumps from topic to topic, talking about the real "Russia story" involving his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton; the deadly Niger ambush on American soldiers; and economic gains.

Donald Trump has the IQ of an "inbred tanning bed", according to the president's former chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn.

Woodward said that in the Central Intelligence Agency, agents are taught to "let the silence suck out the truth". "'I'm not making a deal on anything until we get minerals.' And the United States 'must stop payments to Pakistan until they cooperate'".

"General Mattis, General Kelly said it's not true", Trump continued.

"The Woodward book is a scam", Trump said. She claims to have had an affair with Trump in 2006.

President Trump also tweeted that Woodward's book is "a joke" and "another assault" against him. During the lengthy interview, Colbert asked what in Woodward's research gave him the most fear?

Woodward's book is now available through third-party sellers on Amazon but displays a shipping estimate of "one to three weeks", implying a serious shortage of copies.

In his statement, Cohn attempted to flatter the president.

The book includes multiple specific allegations of high-ranking staff members questioning the president's competence and circumventing some of his decisions, as well as Trump bad-mouthing top aides.

Woodward said Trump acknowledged some of the material he said would be in the book, but also denied "a great deal" of it.

On Monday, Stephen Colbert interviewed the author that he's deemed "the master of horror": not Stephen King, but the legendary investigative reporter Bob Woodward. Such gaps in explanation point to the author's political agenda, which the media has seriously misrepresented as being anti-Trump.

Set for public release Tuesday, "Fear" has thrown an already chaotic White House into disarray.



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