Bravo Reality Personality Arrested for Sexually Assaulting and Drugging Women

Orange County District Attorney

A California physician who appeared in a reality TV dating show, and an alleged female accomplice, have been charged with drugging and raping two women, and authorities say there could be many more victims.

On Tuesday, prosecutors alleged that Dr. Grant William Robicheaux, 38, of Newport Beach, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, of Brea, drugged and raped two women in 2016.

Robicheaux was one of two men featured in an episode of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, which was canceled about its brief 2014 run.

While two women have come forward as victims, investigators say videos found on the couple's phones suggest they could have taken advantage of up to 1,000 women.

Robicheaux and Riley are charged with assault with rape and intent to commit sexual offense. "And then (Cerissa) introduces her to Robicheaux and they invite her to a party".

The county's top prosecutor assured any other women who may have encountered the pair that just because they may have imbibed heavily it "doesn't give (the suspects) a pass to rape or sexually assault when you're past the point of consent".

On Jan. 9, 2018 the defendants were found in possession of large quantities of illegal drugs, authorities said - Robicheaux had two illegal and unregistered assault rifles, four other guns and several large capacity magazines.

Robicheaux is also facing charges relating to possession of an assault weapon and a sentencing enhancement related to that weapon possession, while Riley faces a sentencing enhancement for being knowingly vicariously armed with a firearm.

"We believe the defendants used their good looks and charm to lower the inhibitions of their potential prey", Mr Rackauckas said.

The women contacted authorities after Orange County Dist. Atty.

She said that although items were seized from Robichaux's home in January, the defendants weren't charged until last week because investigators needed time to go through huge amounts of video evidence.

They were arrested at Robicheaux's residence September 12 and both posted bail for $100,000 each.

Rackauckas said it appeared Riley "played a significant role in disarming the victims and making them feel comfortable and safe" before taking them back to Robicheaux's apartment. Attorneys for Robicheaux and Riley say their clients "have been aware of these accusations for a number of months" and they unequivocally deny "all allegations of non-consensual sex".

He said numerous women in the videos appeared unable to consent to sexual contact. "Riley believe that such allegations do a disservice to, and dangerously undermine, the true victims of sexual assault, and they are eager to have the proper spotlight shed on this case in a public trial", the statement continues.

In the first incident, which took place on April 10, 2016, the suspects met the victim at a Newport Beach party and took her back to Robicheaux's apartment once she was intoxicated.

"Dr. Robicheaux and Ms". Both alleged assaults for which the defendants are charged happened in 2016. They drank until the woman was "no longer conscious", Rackauckas said.

"We've all heard of a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing", he added.

The woman tested positive for multiple drugs the following day after she complained she was drugged and raped to Newport Beach law enforcement. "I just won the title of 'Orange County's Most Eligible Bachelor.' I am trying to find that fantastic attractive woman".



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