4 groundbreaking announcements from the global climate Action Summit

4 groundbreaking announcements from the global climate Action Summit

Key commitments in these five areas will be presented at the end of the Global Climate Action Summit today, and by the New York Climate Week in a fortnight, UN Climate Change will have uploaded all the actions under each of these five areas to the area, effectively serving as the legacy tool for the Summit.

Jerry Brown's climate change summit in San Francisco. Under Brown, California became the first U.S. state to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese government in 2015 on regulating carbon emission.

Being that only 16 percent of California's greenhouse gas emissions statewide are the result of the production of electricity, Governor Brown's call for complete carbon neutrality means curbing the other 84 percent, too - including those produced by the transportation, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

The mayors, governors, and CEOs from around the world have stepped into the climate breach with concrete action as United Nations talks to implement the Paris climate treaty falter, and President Donald Trump dismantles USA policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

He said he was willing to negotiate a new climate change agreement.

This spirit of collaboration is in keeping with the history of San Francisco, which witnessed the signing of the UN Charter in 1945, first establishing a rules-based global order that championed multilateralism over self-interest, and endorsed progress not through conflict, but through all people working together.

"That's a major assault on the well-being of the people of California, and America, and the world".

"We are seeing businesses lead the way, we are seeing investors lead the way, we are seeing cities and counties and all kinds of civic organizations leading the way", he said.

"We have a plan to phase out oil, to bring in total clean technology", Brown said.

Recent studies have underscored the vital role that these actors are playing to reduce global emissions and, in doing so, to create unstoppable momentum towards the Secretary-General's 2019 Climate Summit. "Here we have environmentalists protesting an environmental conference", Bloomberg said earlier in the day. President Trump announced in June 2017 that he was withdrawing the United States from an agreement signed by 195 countries pledging to combat climate change.

For example, the state government encourages automobile companies to make more electric cars to help fight the climate challenge.

In response to a question Thursday at a news briefing, Brown said Trump will likely be remembered poorly when it comes to the environment.

Just ahead of the GCAS, Indian companies including UltraTech Cement, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd, Mahindra Heavy Engines Ltd, and Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies announced climate actions they would undertake.

A young American lady took a deep breath of fresh air during a break from presence at a full morning of tense panel discussions at an global summit on climate change which may define human future.

Johan Rockstrom, left, the Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Center and Christiana Figueres, Founding Partner, Global Optimism and Convenor, Mission 2020, give a presentation during the opening plenary of the Global Action Climate Summit Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018, in San Francisco.

The law has been hailed as a landmark legislation that signifies the state's protest against Trump's regressive policies against climate action.



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