1,000-Foot Spider Web Appears Overnight in Greece

A Greek beach has been turned into an arachnophobe's worst nightmare, as spiders have covered it in a web some 300 metres long.

Arachnophobics, beware - a massive spiderweb in a small town in western Greece has blanketed almost a 1,000-foot expanse of the region's coast. These spiders are - worryingly enough - so small and so light that they can run across water faster than they can move on land.

However, the spiders of Aitoliko, which is 300km from Athens, don't pose a threat. "This phenomenon has arisen from a population explosion of this spider".

"It's natural for this area to have insects, no one is especially anxious", he told CNN. The reason that Aitoliko has been taken over spiders is because the town has a thriving population of their favourite snack: gnats.

Greek biologist Fotis Pergantis, president of the Messolonghi National Lagoon Park, said there's a simple explanation. This isn't an ordinary spider web, not even a very large one - it covers green landscape in a think blanket of webbing, giving a creepy wake-like appearance. "The spiders will have their party and will soon die", added Maria. Though those with phobias may find the sudden presence frightening, experts say these spiders aren't risky to humans and were likely just taking advantage of favorable mating conditions.

While the locals may not be too anxious, the images definitely have netizens freaked out.

Would you be fearless enough to enter this town?



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