Uproar as politican praises White Australia policy, urges Muslim ban

In his maiden speech Fraser Anning said “The final solution to the immigration problem of course is a popular vote”

Anning, formerly of One Nation but now with the Katter's Australian Party, attracted instant backlash for using the phrase "final solution" in regards to immigration.

Mr Anning's address drew bi-partisan criticism in parliament including from One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"The final solution to the immigration problem is of course a popular vote", he said.

"So we reject, we condemn racism in any form, and the remarks by Senator Anning are justly condemned and rejected by us all", he said, adding that the "final solution" jibe was "a shocking insult to the memory of six million Jews who died in the Holocaust".

That didn't placate his critics, with parliamentary motions emerging in an aim to censure Anning over his "racist hate speech".

Mehreen Faruqi has joined Australia's senate as its first female Muslim member, on a day the country is caught up in a bitter row over racism.

But he's refusing to apologise and has no regrets, despite politicians from all parties condemning his comments made in his first upper house speech on Tuesday.

"While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?" he asked, going on to claim Muslims are the least able to integrate, don't work and are welfare dependent.

The embattled Queensland representative was originally elected as a replacement for a senator from Pauline Hanson's nationalist One Nation party, but chose to sit as an independent before switching his allegiance to Katter in June this year.

Faruqi, who is in her 50s, said she would use her new role as senator to fight for a "positive future for Australia where we are stronger for our diversity".

She said: "We have called for people coming here to give their undivided loyalty to this country - that you be Australian and proud of this country and abide by the laws".

As for the "final solution" reference: "Fraser is a knockabout bloke, he's owned pubs and he's not stupid - he built his own aeroplane".

It pisses me off deeply that people like Anning can say whatever they want but will never have their very identity questioned.

Guardian Australia contacted Anning and Howard for comment.

He pointed to the "African gangs" controversy in Melbourne, which he said had been fuelled by Mr Turnbull and particularly by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

"I'm exhausted of fighting".

Such are the rituals of first speeches that many Coalition senators and even crossbencher Derryn Hinch (who has been beating up on himself publicly ever since) went over to pay Anning the traditional congratulations afterwards.

"He had absolutely no idea. where do we stand on the issue of migration from the Middle East and North Africa?"

Labor Candidate for Williamstown Melissa Horne condemned the comments and said we should be proud of our multicultural and diverse communities, suggesting there is only one thing that is not welcome in the West.

Faruqi has also been critical of Fraser Anning's use of Holocaust-associated term in the parliament.



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