Win by López Obrador Pushes Mexico Sharply to Left

Win by López Obrador Pushes Mexico Sharply to Left

Lopez Obrador has been a divisive figure in Mexico since bringing much of the capital to a standstill for weeks with massive demonstrations to protest his 2006 election loss.

Early Monday, with about 50 percent of the votes counted, Lopez Obrador's advantage was close to the quick count's statistical sample.

"Peace and tranquility are the fruits of justice", Lopez Obrador said.

"We will respect everyone", he said at a downtown hotel.

After a campaign of lofty but vague promises, Mexico is now keen to see what the change Lopez Obrador promises will actually look like. After Lopez Obrador arrived, under a shower of confetti, he promised to increase subsidies to the elderly and handicapped. "I confess that I have a legitimate ambition: I want to go down in history as a good president of Mexico", said Lopez Obrador, who had lost in the previous two presidential elections.

Imaz was among the most recognizable faces of the Mexican left, also governing the Tlalpan district, until in 2004, he was one of several top officials caught on camera accepting large sums of cash.

"There is so much wrong". "Now that he has won, he can not fail this new generation that believes in him", said Mariano Bartolini, a 29-year-old lawyer who voted for Lopez Obrador in the northwestern city of Rosarito, near Tijuana.

Lopez Obrador's victory represents an emphatic rejection of the traditional politicians whom he regularly calls the "mafia of power".

Mexicans were voting Sunday in a potentially transformative election that could put in power a firebrand vowing to end politics and business as usual in a country tired of spiraling violence and scandal-plagued politicians.

President Donald Trump loomed in the background of this vote.

"That dude doesn't give a damn, he'll keep being racist towards Mexicans no matter who wins the presidency". "There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico", Trump said.

She said she backed leftist front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and called him less than ideal but the "best of the bad" options.

But the unpopularity of President Enrique Pena Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Party - which ruled Mexico for most of the past century - hobbled the candidate from the long-dominant party and prompted voters to search for an alternative to traditional political candidates.

The peso extended gains after Lopez Obrador's rivals conceded defeat, strengthening around 1 per cent against the USA dollar and leading gains among major currencies.

"We are absolutely certain that this evil is the principle cause of social inequality and of economic inequality", he said.

"They shouldn't dare commit a fraud, because if they do they will meet the devil", said Yeidckol Polevnsky, president of Lopez Obrador's Morena party. "The people are fed up". At the same time, he also hopes to persuade Trump to help develop Mexico and Central America in order to contain illegal migration. He broke away from the PRI in the late 1980s and joined a leftist opposition party.

When Lopez Obrador was elected Mexico City mayor in 2000, he named Sheinbaum his environment minister.

Lopez Obrador had only one prior electoral victory.

On Saturday, the Democratic Revolution party said four of its members were killed in Mexico State, west of Mexico City, while trying to prevent hand-outs of goods by the ruling party to potential voters. He has also struck a nationalist tone on plans to boost the economy.

"I look forward to working closely with President-elect López Obrador, his administration and the Mexican Congress to build on the vibrant partnership between our two countries, create economic growth that works for everyone, and advance human rights and equality", Trudeau said.

"Mexicans will be work and be happy where they were born", he said. "We share common goals, strong people to people ties, and a mutually beneficial trading relationship that is the envy of the world - reflected in our joint effort to update the North American Free Trade Agreement for the 21st century".

"Up to now the markets are tranquil", Romo said, referring to the currency, bond and stock prices.



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