We Happy Few is no longer banned in Australia

Here’s When We Happy Few Is Releasing In Australia Shannon Grixti

In some parts of the game, taking the drug reduces the difficulty and makes the game appear more colourful and vibrant. The Classification Board went into some detail over how We Happy Few was unbanned.

Initially, the classification board argued that due to the reasons listed above, the game's systems incentivise drug use and therefore decided not to issue a rating. The new press release that was released by the Australian Classification Review Board now says that they chose to give the game a rating because the interactive drug use is high in impact.

No content had to be modified so We Happy Few could be released in Australia, so players in that region won't have to experience a neutered or censored version of the game. Games like Saints Row IV and Hotline Miami 2 have been banned from the country in the past.

Good news for Australians as it looks as though We Happy Few has been reclassified meaning that it will now officially be heading to Austrailia for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

If you're interested in We Happy Few then you should check out our preview of it! "We want to thank everybody who got involved in the discussion, contacted the board and sent us countless messages of support". PC Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist. Abbot went on to thank publisher Gearbox for its help with the appeal process as it relates to the advice it gave Compulsion and the money it provided for the effort to overturn the decision. Keep checking back for more.



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