Trump Plans To Announce Supreme Court Pick July 9

Conservative lawyers steer Trump on Supreme Court pick

Kennedy, a key swing vote on the court, announced Wednesday that he would retire this summer.

Among the candidates he's considering are two women, and he told reporters that he might meet with candidates over a golf weekend.

Focusing on the Supreme Court served as a useful cover for the personal shortcomings of the thrice-married casino magnate, especially after the "Access Hollywood" tape came out just weeks before the election. The future of Kennedy's seat has been a moment abortion rights opponents and supporters alike have been anticipating for years because Kennedy historically sided with the liberals on the court in favor of protecting abortion rights.

Of course, overturning Roe v. Wade will do nothing to end abortion, it will only make it less safe for expectant parents who want the procedure and harder to regulate.

"President Trump is just one appointment away from giving us a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court", Parker said in an interview on the radio program Wallbuilders Live.

The move wouldn't be dissimilar from the Republican hijacking of a vacant Supreme Court seat that President Barack Obama attempted to fill in the a year ago of his administration.

When asked whether he would be asking candidates about their opinions on abortion rights, Trump stated, "That's not a question I'll be asking". In doing so, he will fulfill the dreams of white evangelical voters who embraced Trump, of all people, in order to protect the court's conservative majority.

Murkowski isn't rated as favorably among abortion rights groups, she has a 58-percent vote rating in 2018 from Planned Parenthood, but arguably there is no one in the Senate more independent than the Alaska Republican, and prouder of her reputation among women in her state.

He said Democratic senators running for reelection in conservative states, like West Virginia and in, face a "lose-lose" scenario: Risk angering their base voters by supporting Trump's pick, or vote no and harm their chances among the Republicans and moderates they still need to win.

The road to confirmation for Trump's pick is likely to be a contentious one, as Democrats are expected to push back. Earlier in the day Gorsuch, 49, was sworn in as the 113th Associate Justice in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court. Also attending were Republican Charles Grassley and Democrats Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp. McConnell told Fox News that Republicans believe some combination of Democratic support is possible. "I'm going to try and do something like that, but I don't think I'm going to be so specific". He said we are not final because we are infallible, we are infallible what we are final. Trump has brought up Lee's name as a prospective high court appointee, calling him an "outstanding talent".



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