North Korea says United States are like 'gangsters' after 'regrettable' nuclear talks

North Korea calls denuclearisation talks with US 'regrettable'

The North's statement, coming so soon after Pompeo's trip, was sure to fuel growing skepticism in the United States over how serious Kim is about giving up his nuclear arsenal.

The Trump-Kim summit in Singapore was roundly criticized by experts because it failed to nail down concrete steps or a time line to have the North abandon all its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, and because the two leaders merely agreed to work toward the "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

"People are going to make stray comments after meetings", Pompeo said. 'If I paid attention to the press, I'd go nuts'.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo with his Japanese and South Korean Pompeo responded directly to North Korea's Foreign Ministry's comment, after his two-day trip to Pyongyang, that the US employed a "unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization".

"The road ahead will be hard and challenging and we know that critics will try to minimise the work that we've achieved".

The North Korean talks process with the USA and the South is sidelining the human rights of Pyongyang's oppressed citizens, the UN's top official on the issue said Monday.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday extolled improved relations with Vietnam as a model for rapprochement with North Korea.

This could be an appealing model for North Korea to follow, as it would suggest both the end of the war, something North Korea has long sought in the Korean War, which began in 1950, and a rapprochement with close trade ties. "We had detailed, substantive conversations about the next steps toward a fully verified and complete denuclearization".

"While we are encouraged by the progress of these talks, progress alone does not justify the easing of the sanctions regime", he said.

In the days following his historic June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, Trump had announced that the return of the remains and the destruction of the missile facility had been completed or were in progress.

After holding talks with officials in North Korea, Mike Pompeo continues his round-the-world trip.

There was no immediate explanation of what needed to be clarified, but the two sides have been struggling to specify what exactly "denuclearisation" would entail and how it could be verified to the satisfaction of the United States. And, the promised remains have yet to be delivered.

Speaking in Tokyo after two days of intense discussions in Pyongyang, Pompeo insisted the talks were making progress and were being conducted in "good faith."

"We had anticipated the United States side would come with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return", the statement said, warning its "resolve for denuclearisation. may falter". "Our expectations and hopes were so naive it could be called foolish".

However, he emphasized that the North still has trust in the US President, apparently hinting that Pyongyang wanted to keep the ongoing denuclearization talks on track.

Trump has already faced criticism for being too quick to make security concessions to Kim, including his unilateral suspension of military exercises with South Korea.

Pyongyang is now emphasizing that it views the brief, 400-word agreement reached at that summit as just the very beginning of talks, not a promise to unilaterally disarm.

Pompeo said that there was progress in nearly every aspect of their discussions, but many experts are skeptical. They cheat and President Trump wants to change the economic relationship with China.



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