Microsoft Brings FastStart, Game Grouping, More With Xbox's July Update

Xbox One rolls out FastStart feature to speed up downloads

This isn't a time-restricted trial or light version of the game missing modes either; the full Darwin Project experience is now free to download.

Microsoft and Nintendo recently worked together in the new Minecraft: Better Together update trailer, but Sony has notoriously been missing from these promotions since it doesn't prefer to be included in the cross-play festivities. All players have to do is simply click download on selected titles, with the system doing the rest, so it seems like FastStart will be fairly easy to use.

Scavenger Studios' battle royale game The Darwin Project has gone live for free on Xbox One today. This update was previously tested with Xbox Insiders last month and comes with FastStart on select games, the Groups feature in Games and Apps, and more.

FastStart works by applying machine learning to identify which parts of the game are required for full-fledged gameplay.

According to Microsoft, the app will allow you to "see exclusive offers just for Xbox fans, redeem your points for Microsoft Store gift cards, and check how many points you've earned from Microsoft purchases and searches with Bing".

You can now group your games and apps and the search has been improved and you can press Y anywhere on the dashboard to bring up the search dialog. Users can also tinker with them in a number of ways, including adding custom names to each Group and adding individual Groups to Home.

In addition, Microsoft has enabled multi-touch support for touch-ready devices, which opens the gates for multiple controls to be used at the same time.

New leaderboards will show which viewers who have contributed to a streamer's channel the most.

It's also possible that if your connection slows down while FastStart is still downloading a game in the background, you'll need to wait for the download speed to pick back up before you can continue playing.



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