Married woman, mechanic reportedly die from carbon monoxide poisoning during sex

In an enclosed space carbon monoxide produced by a vehicle can be deadly. More

Law enforcement sources told NBC the woman, 39-year-old Tameka Hargrave and a 56-year-old man believed to be her mechanic, had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Law enforcement sources believe that his wife was paying the mechanic for his services with sex. The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered near a running vehicle just before 9 an apartment complex on 18th and New Fairview avenues.

Johnson says he smelled a strong odor of gas, and he traced the source to a running vehicle in the garage. The two were reportedly killed by carbon monoxide that built up inside the garage during their tryst.

'As I tried to open the last garage door, I see the mechanic, he's laid out, ' Johnson said.

That account says the man and woman were found inside the auto, not near it.

'And pretty much I had to call 911, because at this time, with that level of emissions, I knew that they were gone'. Both the married woman and the mechanic were pronounced dead at the scene, and police have ruled both deaths as an accident. I can't do that, ' she said. We don't know, ' she said. The way he sees it, it's the fault of whoever build the apartment complex because they didn't install proper alarms. "I just want my mother back".

'They have cameras and stuff.

"Basically she died because of carbon monoxide", Johnson said, according to Fox News. "My mother could still be alive".

Johnson is blaming the apartment complex for not having adequate Carbon dioxide alarm systems.



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