Iranian women dance in support of detained teen


The Iranian government has strict rules governing women's clothing and dancing with members of the opposite sex in public is banned, according to the BBC.

She claims she was trying only trying to gain followers.

In the wake of Ms Hojabri's arrest, many Iranian women have been posting their own videos of themselves dancing in support of the teenager, using hashtags such as #dancetofreedom and #dancing_isn't_a_crime.

Maedeh Hojabri, who had more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, recently appeared in a program on state-controlled Iranian television in which she acknowledged breaking moral norms. I did not want to encourage others to do the same.

"It wasn't for attracting attention", Hojabri said in the broadcast.

Officials arrested the 17- or 18-year-old Hojabri after she shared videos of herself dancing to Western and Iranian music at home with her tens of thousands of followers.

The teenage gymnast reassured authorities that it was not her intention to do so.

Blogger Hossein Ronaghi said, "People would laugh at you if you tell anyone in the world that [in Iran] they arrest 17-year-olds and 18-year-olds for dancing, being happy and being lovely, for spreading indecency, and instead paedophiles are free". "I only do gymnastics". Hojabri posted a new video just hours ago addressing her critics.

Iranian football supporters wave their national flags as they cheer for their national team during a screening of the Russian Federation 2018 World Cup Group B football match between Iran and Spain in Azadi stadium in the capital Tehran, June 20, 2018.

Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi commented on Instagram.

In February, several women removed their headscarves and waved them like flags while standing on public platforms.

Since it is hard for women to play an active part in public life, communicating on social media platforms like Telegram and Instagram has become extremely popular.

The three men and three women were later sentenced to suspended jail time and lashes.

In August past year, six women were arrested for dancing Zumba, a modern and popular dance style.



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