Fallout 76 Cross-Play Also Being Blocked by Sony

Fallout 76

But does that mean that not only could crossplay between Xbox and PC occur, but that the title could possibly come to the Nintendo Switch?

According to the German newspaper Gamestar, Howard tried to cross-play between platforms with Fallout 76, something which, as we know, is impossible at the moment due to Sony's refusal.

Various Fallout games, from the very first one to Fallout 4, have always been singleplayer affairs with players only having their companions as another person around as they wander the wasteland in each game.

As to what sort of a single-player experience Starfield will be, Howard didn't want to liken the sci-fi title to Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. This situation, of course, is nothing new - Sony has been blocking cross-play this entire generation and offering up mealy-mouthed excuses about its reasons since 2013. While the industry in general seems to be moving toward a future where anyone can play games with their friends regardless of platform, Sony has been the last major holdout. Howard said, "Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like it to be".

He describes Starfield as "different" but added that "if you sit down and play it you would recognise it as something we made if that makes sense?"

Fortnite, the biggest game in the world right now, does not currently support crossplay on PS4, whereas Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and all other platforms welcome the feature. On Wednesday, PlayStation America CEO Shawn Layden said that Sony is "looking at a lot of the possibilities", but didn't make any promises. It is important to keep in mind that Bethesda has ported games to the console in the past (Skyrim, DOOM, Wolfenstein II), so releasing Fallout 76 on the console isn't out of the question.

Bethesda didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.

"You can not do cross-play in 76", he told the German publication.



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