Ed Westwick won’t be charged with sexual assault due to insufficient evidence

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"Three separate women recently reported to law enforcement that suspect sexually assaulted them at three different times in 2014", stated the D.A.'s office in a July 17 charge evaluation worksheet made public Friday.

In the two cases which the office chose to pursue TMZ reports that legal documents show that potential witnesses "could not provide sufficient evidence to get a conviction".

Despite the first two accusers having identified witnesses, prosecutors said the witnesses were "not able to provide information that would enable the prosecution to prove either incident beyond a reasonable doubt".

"It is a shame there are those who so publicly prejudged this case and that it took this long for Ed to be fully cleared", she continued. In the third instance, the woman did not co-operate with investigators.

Prosecutors said other women had alleged unwanted touching against the actor, but that these claims would not be pursued because they fell outside the statute of limitations.

It was reported past year that Kristina Cohen accused Ed of raping her in a post in November 2017. She said that "justice was served". Her lawyer said she would be filing a police report against Ed that same week. The second case was from another woman, former actor Aurélie Wynn, while the third case was dropped earlier this year by an anonymous woman who claimed he touched her inappropriately. I told him to stop, but he was strong.

Ed said, "I do now know this woman", in his post, and also added that he has never forced himself on any woman.

Westwick denied the claims against him from the beginning, calling them "provably untrue".



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