Curious cat broke in an interview with Polish historian

This famous BBC interview has a feline sequel

A Polish TV commentator had a surprise visitor jump into his interview last week - his cat leapt right onto his shoulders, curled itself around his head and stayed there. "Jerzy Targlaski remained completely unruffled during our interview when this happened", Bouma wrote.

Completely unfazed, Targalski calmy continued the interview and only acknowledged the feline's freaky presence to pull its tail away from his face.

Targalski continued talking to journalist Rudy Bouma as if it were all pre-planned.

Lisio the cat has become a national celebrity since he upstaged Dr Targalski during an interview on a Dutch current affairs show, Nieuwsuur.

So, during filming, which took place in the house of the historian, a red cat climbed on the shoulders of the men, covering his fluffy tail eyes.

Apparently, Targalski is a regular commentator on the show and it's not the first time his puss has gatecrashed an interview. In an interview with Polish public broadcaster Telewizja Republika earlier this month, Lisio makes a more subtle appearance by sneaking behind Targalski for a nap.



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