YouTube Music Officially Available to All Today, YouTube Premium Too

YouTube Has Officially Launched Their Premium Streaming Services In Canada featured image

The Google-owned video-streaming platform announced the two services in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Mexico on May 16, and revealed at the time that they would be landing in a bunch of new markets "in the coming weeks". And it's available right now.

After an incredibly confusing initial launch, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are officially available today to everyone in the USA, as well as 16 other countries.

A paid membership to YouTube Music Premium that gives you background listening, downloads and an ad-free experience costs $9.99 or £9.99 a month.

Listeners can sign up to YouTube Music today.

The new service includes access to music videos, albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers and also "hard-to-find music" only from YouTube.

Youtube Music is available from the Play Store, the iTunes app store, or via the service's new web player here. The original YouTube Music was a free, ad-supported service that provided millions of audio- and video-based music recordings. Also launching Monday, "YouTube Originals" are a roster of new shows made in collaboration with popular YouTube personalities and celebrities that Google is hoping you'll find so compelling you'll shell out an extra £2/$2 per month. F2 Finding Football and The Sidemen are launching today, with other shows to follow.

Via YouTube
Via YouTube

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Where Google seems to have the upper hand is in search. We got you. You can also search by lyrics (even if they're wrong).

You also benefit from music videos and the ability to quickly switch from a video to the song, a nice touch if what you're listening to is only available as a video. Plus, your Offline Mixtape automatically downloads songs you love just in case you forgot to. When asked this question at a press conference in London on Monday, the global head of music for YouTube, Lyor Cohen, simply said: "because it's all here". (Or $17.99 per month for a Family Plan.) Though it's now running a promotion offering the premium service free for the first three months.

"Nobody in the United Kingdom would mistake what you mean when you sing (shout) "zig a zig ah", and nor would YouTube Music", say Youtube in a statement. If you want to try out the service there's a three-month trial available too.

At some point, YouTube Music will bring over your Google Play Music playlists, collections, and preferences. Google seems to be keeping Play Music around for its music uploading service, which will hopefully be integrated into YouTube Music soon. "The right music is right here, built just for you".



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