What does the Trump-Kim summit mean? Not a damn thing

Film company wrongly credited for summit video

With the president offering North Korea several concessions at the Singapore summit with Kim, including the cessation of military-preparedness training with the South Koreans and the possible removal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula, critics of the administration say the U.S.is giving China exactly what it wants.

That claim appears to contradict an assertion made by Trump in a press conference following his meeting with Kim that the North Korean leader would begin implementing the terms of the agreement "right away" when "he lands" back in Pyongyang.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un during the U.S. Kim Jong-un understood getting rid of his nuclear arsenal needed to be done quickly and there would only be relief from stringent United Nations sanctions on North Korea after its "complete denuclearization", Pompeo said.

He told reporters that "one should heavily discount some things that are written in other places - including from some of your colleagues!"

After hours of discussions, Trump and Kim signed an agreement committing the United States to unspecified "security guarantees" in exchange for a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

He said Kim affirmed an "unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" in a signed document.

Earlier Wednesday, North Korea's state KCNA news agency said denuclearisation would be a "step by step process" with "simultaneous action", a stance that appeared to contradict the USA refusal to offer sanctions relief before North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons. But it "all depends on whether North Korea is serious about denuclearization".

North Korea is known to have hundreds of facilities related to the development of nuclear and chemical weapons, and advanced missile systems. "The country has an extensive network of sites and underground tunnels that can be used to hide material". Seventy per cent of Americans supported Mr Trump meeting with Mr Kim, according to a poll by Real Clear Politics and the Charles Koch Institute, even though just 31 per cent think he'll succeed in persuading North Korea to give up its weapons.

Some analysts are likely to see the comments as part of a worrying trend since North Korea showed no public sign at the summit or since that it is now willing to implement the complete, irreversible and verifiable destruction of its nuclear programs. "This is a really tough and thorny problem and if he's on top of it and not afraid of this it gives him and the Republican Party some lift that they badly need".

Trump's announcement minutes after the summit's conclusion that he would halt the "provocative" joint military drills were a shock to South Korea and caught much of the USA military off guard, too.

But the new epoch envisioned here by Trump and Kim may be one in which the U.S. loses its grip on Asia, and then the world, and the new future will likely be ruled from Beijing, not Washington.

Trump's own chest-thumping tweet seemed reminiscent of the "Mission Accomplished" banner flown behind President George W. Bush in 2003 when he spoke aboard a Navy ship following the USA invasion of Iraq.

Pompeo's remarks follow Trump's Trump's tweets Wednesday, after returning from the summit.

He tweeted: 'Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office.

Kim Jong-Un, left, inspects the ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in North Korea. North Korea has great potential for the future!'

Trump on Tuesday seemed fine with this, saying he thought Kim was being honest. "Publicly he keeps saying things he shouldn't say". "So he's a very smart guy, he's a great negotiator, but I think we understand each other". "Nobody thought we were going to have an agreement like that".



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